It's All About Love

This magical painting is one in a series of small paintings I am creating that all have this common theme of bright colors, the Eiffel Tower, the moon and the sea. It shines with bright colors and touches of copper and gold.

It's all about love! Don't you think?

Are you dreaming of the perfect love? Or are you living an amazing love story?

I do believe in Love. I believe in soulmates.

Imagine a world that you can create, where you can be on a tropical beach, and instantly be transported to Paris France in a little coffee shop or drinking champagne at the top floor of the Eiffel Tower?

Well this world exist, you might not be teleported instantly, but you can make this happen!


Scroll down to see an enlarged picture of “It's All About Love”

Acrylic on Canvas 8 × 8× 0.75 inches (in room setting pictures might not be to scale)

Unframed and ready to hang. Painted black on the sides.
Signed on the front.

US shipping: USPS standard - FREE shipping on this original painting.

IMPORTANT: COLORS WILL VARY DEPENDING ON YOUR MONITOR. This particular painting has bright colors, including bright pink and turquoise. 

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